Huntington Eye Care Contact Lenses

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We have changed the way in which contact lenses are prescribed.

Q: What changes have you made?
A: We specialize in fitting soft contact lenses, gas-permeable contact lenses and custom contact lenses. At the conclusion of today's Contact Lens & Eyeglass Assessment, you will be provided with a copy of both your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. You may choose to order your contact lenses from us or any other contact lens reseller.

Q: Why do you charge for contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions?
A: Your insurance company does not reimburse us for routine eye care, such as contact lens evaluations and eyeglass prescriptions. Your insurance company considers the contact lens evaluation to be "cosmetic," and therefore does not include it with the medical portion of your examination.

Q: Why can't you just refill my contact lens prescription over the phone?
A: Contact lenses are a medical device with potential adverse reactions. Therefore, patients that wear contact lenses require examinations at least annually.
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